Michoacán avocados guacamole & sikil pa’ak, tostadas (v)

Local cucumber ceviche, compressed white cucumber, squash roulade, garden herbs (v) / with fish tiradito

Fire roasted beetroot salad, herbed chèvre cheese, fennel jam, citrus (v)

Catch of the day ceviche, leche de tigre, cured tomatillos, coriander oil & jalapenos

Rosemary smoked shrimps, lima & basil vinaigrette, grilled nopal

Heirloom tomatoes salad, cherry tomatoes, compressed green tomatoes, salsa fresca & tomato consommé (v)

Campeche king prawn , homemade mascarpone and parmigiano agnolotti, local cherry tomatoes, warm brown butter vinaigrette

Black recado braised pork belly, spicy mustard greens, fresh green papaya salad, lime vinaigrette

Whole fish on green mole, jalapeno jus, roasted poblanos, nopales and red bell peppers

Roasted quail with mayan honeycomb, wilted kale

Brazed & grilled octopus in squid ink sofrito, sweet potato pommes Anna, arugula salad

Adobo glazed pork chop, mezcal & honey marinated pineapple, charros beans with pork crisps

Guajillo shrimps fattet, tomato puree, salt-curated eggplant, garlic yogurt sauce, pita bread totopos, pine nuts & coriander

Whole roasted local squash marinated in chimichurri, filled with pumpkin seeds, green mole, fresh hava beans, jalapeno jus, garden herbs (v)


Textures of chocolate for 2

Churros with 7 spices & chili chocolate dip