Homemade baba ganoush, hummus & muhamarra with warm homemade flatbread with rosemary & pita bread (vegan)

Local mixed mushrooms tartar with tomatillo & zaatar oil, homemade tostada with cauliflower & avocado puree, pickled spring onions & candy beetroot (vegan)

Catch of the day tiradito curated in homemade black lime, watermelon radish & local tomatillo, coriander sprouts, lime & soy vinaigrette

Gazpacho of local organic beetroot, garnished with local jicama & charcoal ash goat cheese, caramelised nuts, balsamic reduction (vegan w/o cheese)

Catch of the day ceviche, marinated in xcatic & chili de arbol, wrapped in avocado, mango & chayote, purple sweet potato chips

Marinated crab in orange vinaigrette, avocado mash, apple and xtabentun jelly, papaya chutney, yucca chips

Rosemary smoked shrimps, lima, basil & Lebanese spices vinaigrette, grilled nopal


Green mole, tapioca crackling, lebanese spiced amaranth, crispy broccoli & spicy cauliflower, fresh fava beans, roasted pumpkin seeds & grilled sweet potato (vegan)

Pistachio crusted catch of the day with xtabentun, orange & habanero essence, sautéed green beans, broccoli & baby vegetables

Hibiscus & sumac glazed octopus, sweet potato mash, brown butter cauliflower, pickled red onion, cumin alioli

Coffee glazed pulled pork, cardamom foam, esquites & fresh cheese, curated grilled cabbage

Guajillo shrimps fattet, tomato puree, salt-curated eggplant, garlic yogurt sauce, pita bread totopos, pine nuts & coriander

Lamb marinated in Lebanese zaatar, artichoke & yogurt sauce, fennel & mixed leaves


Textures of chocolate for 2

Olive oil ice-cream in amaranth crust, local orange sponge & nutmeg crumble

Churros with 7 spices & chili chocolate dip